Where to begin

This website/blog will aim to keep you informed of current world events, mainly politics and guides on improving your quality of life and happiness.We will try our utmost to be as unbiased as possible but there will be times our personal views may glisten through due to our deep passion and beliefs in trying to bring about a better world; then it comes down to you to point out are inconsistancys and corrrect us. Our main goal is to try and restore some credibility to a very untrustworthy industry as it currently stands. Especially in places such as America where the media has zero credibility and the only source for semi reputable news is online at places as Info wars or YouTube.  To achieve this goal we will sight and credit and sources from which we attain our facts or stories. Lastly i would just like to thank you, the reader, for taking the time to view the content we have to offer and i hope it gives you some insight and a platform for you to construct your ideals and opinions.